Managed Cybersecurity

Don't react to issues once it's too late.

When it comes to cybersecurity, your business is either reactive or proactive. Some disasters are unavoidable, but having a proactive security strategy in place will make the difference from a company that sinks from one that recovers. IT Partners provides IT services that ensure your network is always protected. As a result, your productivity is never compromised.

Cybersecurity - IT Partners Protection

Hackers are busier than ever due to the increasing reliance on the internet and digital workplaces. Unfortunately, many businesses do not realize how vulnerable they are to Ransomware, Phishing, and other virus attacks until they are already compromised. Luckily, at IT Partners we are passionate about securing your data and assets from online threats. We have numerous tools to ensure you are safe at every level of your organization, and are excited to start building your security strategy with you!

The IT Partners Difference

Our goal is to ensure your workflow and reputation are never compromised. When you're facing security issues that you aren't prepared for, the effects can be disastrous. Working with an experienced managed service provider that specializes in keeping you cybersecure is the first step in safeguarding your business.

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Proactive Protection

We provide solutions designed to proactively protect your network so issues are caught and dealt with BEFORE they do major damage.

Our security consulting and risk assessments ensure your processes are secure and your network is being continuously monitored. Any security issues are dealt with quickly so you are never left vulnerable. Tools like firewall protection, anti-virus, and anti-spam solutions ensure cyber criminals and other online threats never compromise your business.

Why You Need Us

Compromised security leads to diminished productivity, sales, and lost wages. When client data is compromised, you are at risk of facing lawsuits and a damaged reputation. Taking preventative measures now sets you up for future success.


Experience Managed IT

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Why Choose IT Partners?

  • For ten years, IT Partners has been serving small and medium businesses in Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie and beyond
  • We are a MSP that have been transforming the way businesses experience IT services through our premium IT support, relationship building, and customer service
  • IT Partners takes a proactive approach to all of your business's IT service needs, especially when it comes to ensuring your assets are secure from cyber threats
  • We will work beside you to customize an IT strategy that will get your business reaching its IT goals; on time and on budget