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Peace Region Oil Companies Need Robust IT Network Upgrades When Rebound Occurs.

One of the trends happening with oil and gas service companies in the Peace Region area of Alberta is the discovery that being left without proper cybersecurity can be as bad as the recent economic slump has been, financially speaking. Many companies struggling to recover, or starting into a full recovery from the economic downturn are opting for an IT network overhaul that includes much tighter data protection, recovery, and backup solutions.

Oil and Gas IT Networks

Why Are IT Network Upgrades for Peace Region Oil Service Companies So Critical?

Top IT companies in Alberta will tell you it’s critical for many different reasons. Not waiting until your venture is “financially steady” to acquire optimum cybersecurity and data backup is also wise. Your IT checklist should include coverage with/for the following aspects of your network:

  • Digital/Virtual phone networks
  • Dedicated and offsite servers
  • PCs and other terminals
  • Home and business networks
  • MDM (mobile device management) for all mobile devices
  • Cloud backup and virtual memory

Data Disaster Prevention Also Spells Financial Security

The Fort McMurray fires are slated to cause another significant slump in the Canadian economy, but sound IT solutions for your oil and gas SME will surely be part of safeguarding your company profitability and survival during the coming downturn. Many companies won’t think to do this, skimping on IT security due to battening down the hatches and tightening budgets. What they don’t realize is that IT security is tantamount in importance to keeping the lights and power on. Although you can’t prevent the natural or unnatural disasters themselves, you can prevent the devastating after-effects, which come in the form of data loss, business interruption or cessation, and even data hijacking for ransom (ransomware).

I Already Have a Cybersecurity Network

This is a good thing, but it’s worth doing a re-evaluation of your IT network, with a comprehensive analysis by an IT expert to diagnose potential cyber breach threats and suggest any needed upgrades. Cyberattack software and subsequent cybersecurity methods are an ever-changing juggernaut that needs constant adjustments, updates, analysis, etc. Your IT partner will also help you with this, as well as the weekly, monthly, and yearly analysis of your company network, strengths, weaknesses, and needed protective measures. Perhaps you have great backup solutions and antivirus firewalls that have worked well for you. Then, you get a message on PC startup that you have been hit with a malware or ransomware attack and you are effectively shut down. You overlooked ongoing IT partnership and now you have to spend on cybersecurity damage control. If adequate IT partnership had been in place, this most likely would have been avoided.

Finding the Right IT Partner

You may ask the question, “How can I find a trusted IT partner? I don’t have the time! I’m too busy running my company.” Exactly! You, as CEO, COO, or even AP are far too busy to go looking around for an effective IT specialist. This is exactly why we write these articles–so you can type in your needful search query and quickly find the best professionals to take over monitoring and safeguarding your IT network.

IT Partners are an award-winning team of trusted IT pros who can quickly get your organization’s data centre and network up to speed and ship-shape for a nominal monthly fee. They cover Edmonton, Calgary, Grand Prairie, and Fort St. John. They can be contacted at (780) 513-4455, or by email at info@itpartners.ca for more information on how to quickly get your SME’s network optimized and safe from cyberattack or data loss.