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The Overlap Between Oil, Gas and IT

Keeping the front line’s head in the game is usually a responsibility that is relegated to the general contractor on a project; however, the IT team has just as much to do with the front line team focus as the contractor. The right IT team has the ability to provide a support system for communications, networking and security. Here are some of the major services that a good IT team provides an oil field services company:

  • Communications — All field locations need reliable networks back to the central office. Today’s technology provides remote offices with the ability to instantly send and receive changes to a plan with the right IT team.
  • Security — Mobile devices and commercial applications are being attacked more than ever by malicious users. In order to fully protect the proprietary intellectual property of the services company as well as the personal and financial data of clients, comprehensive security must be implemented through a professional network.
  • Virtualization — Employees should be able to immediately access the data on a project from anywhere, connecting them around the world. Even if someone is off-premises, there is no such thing as “off-duty” with the right virtualization services from an IT team.
  • Around-the-clock support — Any member of the team should be able to receive support from the central office or from an IT support member to resolve any technical issues that may be bottlenecking part of the process. With all of the moving parts that must continue to sync, there is very little room for downtime in any aspect of a project.

The overlap among oil, gas and IT is the ability of IT to bring the products and services of a field services company into use in sync with any schedule or any partner. With Canadian oil more important than ever to many parts of the world, the proper functioning of the IT components of the project are becoming more more essential.

Oil and Gas IT Support

IT also helps oil field services companies proactively focus themselves on the front line jobs that require the most immediate attention. IT is the support system that allows for the successful ground operations that drive the revenue of the company.

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