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Outsourcing IT as Important as Ever for Oil and Gas Service Companies

Oil and Gas IT SupportIf you are an oil and gas service company in the Peace Region, you are either in full recovery or are still recovering from recent economic setbacks. With all the bounce-back happening, now is the most opportune time to step up your IT security and cybersecurity defenses. We’ve seen the stories about raging wildfires throughout Alberta, and we have learned how critical business continuity and data backup and recovery are for a small company or large corporation to survive. You simply must not work without adequate IT security, which should include all of the following:

  • Digital/Virtual phone networks
  • Dedicated and offsite servers
  • PCs and other terminals
  • Home and business networks
  • All mobile devices — MDM (mobile device management)
  • Cloud backup and data recovery assurance

What Makes Outsourcing IT so Crucial for Oil and Gas Service Companies?

If you are currently doing business in the Peace Region as a service outfit for oil and gas, data security breaches will prove especially damaging. Just one “hack” could cause your company to lose out on an important contract, or bring a halt to liquidity, causing employee migration, and subsequent disastrous effects on remaining in business. Oil and gas service companies benefit to an almost incalculable degree by having an IT partner in their corner, watchdogging potential cybersecurity threats and making adjustments as needed.

Natural and Unnatural Disasters Demand Better Network Protection

Now that you have recovered from the recent economic slump and are on your way to doing gangbuster business once again, it should be noted that it’s the robust companies with lots of revenue streams that are the likeliest targets of cyberattacks, including, but not limited to, ransomware. Plus, in case of more Fort McMurray fires or a Quebec flood situation, you want to have the appropriate level of data storage, backup and recovery to ensure your business continuity. And many more reasons exist for ensuring your business future and peace of mind at the same time with IT services custom-fit to your networking needs.

Valuable Commodities: Oil and Data Security

Both oil and cybersecurity provide consistent returns on investment, but not enough CEOs, entrepreneurs, startups, LLC or SMEs are devoting proper attention to holding and reaping the rewards of adequate data protection. Just simply having the knowledge that your sensitive data is safely backed up and secure from hackers is its own payoff. But, in the event of hackers using ransomware to kidnap data that poses a huge loss-liability for you and perhaps your customer database or even shareholders, installing and maintaining the proper cybersecurity fences and firewalls ensure your company’s future solvency, MMR net gains, and your entire working corpus as a whole.

A Good Alberta IT Partner

If you don’t already have a good Grande Prairie IT support partner, one is waiting for you to grab them up and take full advantage of their comprehensive cybersecurity packages! IT Partners are literally an outsourced team member looking out for your best interests, securing data storage and transfer systems, and constantly analyzing threat levels and calibrating your data centre and IT network accordingly. You’re not really doing business right until you have your IT network custom-fit to your particular business model. And, if you are a small oil and gas company doing business in the Peace Region, this is even more true. IT Partners is the trusted choice when it comes to staying ahead of the latest information technology tips, tricks and news. Contact us at (780) 513-4455 or send us an email at info@itpartners.ca for more information.