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Why Law Firms In Grande Prairie Need To Stay Clear Of Dropbox

Although Dropbox is perfectly fine for storing family pictures and earmarking summer trips with friends, digital security for a law firm is another animal entirely. Somehow, the popularity of the consumer device has elbowed its way into the world of professional services, much to the detriment of the clients who entrust those services with personal and financial information.

Law offices in Grande Prairie are especially prone to the shortcomings of Dropbox, as law offices routinely curate more personal information of vulnerable clients then any other professional service industry. Here are just a few of the reasons that personal data storage cannot equate to business data storage.

Tiered Permissions Structures

Dropbox does not allow you to personally create any of the read or write privileges of the users that might access your client data. This is not only relevant for external threats, but it may also play a role in inhibiting internal threats as well. Any data storage service that you use should incorporate granular control on all of the permissions within the structure.

Limited Data Encryption

Dropbox is fundamentally limited in its curative features because of its reduced data encryption capabilities. Imagine the personal and financial data of your clients sitting on an always-on cloud right next to the content of celebrities that you have seen hacked and publicized on gossip sites. Because of your standing as a law firm, you may actually incur legal as well as ethical repercussions from such a choice.

No Collaborative Locks

When you are working on a case for a client, the last thing that you want to do is reduce productivity. This is especially true with international clients or clients that may have information that requires last-minute changes. No matter the scale of the client, if you have a file that needs to be worked on between multiple people, you need to be able to lock that file down. Dropbox does not let you do this, meaning that anyone can mistakenly or purposefully mismanage your data at virtually any time.

No Ability to Share Over the Web

If you want to share content that has no relevance to anyone but your personal friends or family, Dropbox is a great option. However, if you are looking to share highly intimate files of your clients, you lose control of file access as soon as you hit the send button. This is a wholly untenable situation for a law firm with a reputation to protect, and this alone should keep you away from the service as a viable business option.

Law Offices Grande Prairie

Think ahead and outsource to find the right IT partner so that you can focus on the law. Your clients are relying on you to protect their vital information, and you need a service that allows you to utilize virtual collaboration techniques without needlessly exposing data to malicious users.

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