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IT Partners Provides Specialized CIO Treatment for Grande Prairie’s Primary Care Network

Grande Prairie Computer ServicesThe Grande Prairie Primary Care Network (PCN) is a local healthcare network between family physicians and Alberta Health Services that actively coordinates the delivery of primary care services for Alberta patients. An interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, dietitians, exercise therapists, social workers, physiotherapists, and mental health therapists work consistently and diligently together to offer streamlined access to primary health care services. The Grande Prairie PCN strives consistently to increase readily available access to primary care and efficiently manage access to round-the-clock services. The entire PCN team believes in emphasizing and promoting disease and injury prevention and paying special attention to cases involving complex or chronic care. The Grande Prairie PCN strongly believes that the coordination of primary care services can be achieved through a facilitation of a multi-disciplinary approach.

The Grande Prairie Primary Care Network recognizes the need for quality healthcare and the corresponding need for quality IT support to foster a well-rounded and efficient kind of care environment. Without the proper kind of IT security and support a healthcare service delivery organization can face severe challenges in the realization of organizational visions. The Grande Prairie Primary Care Network required managed IT services that could not only sustain productivity, but also play a proactive role in streamlining organizational processes.

The Challenge: The Need for Reliable and Highly Secure IT Support and Proactive IT Strategy

In healthcare, break and fix models of IT support and service simply aren’t sufficient. With patient care at stake and the protection of sensitive patient data a top priority, The Grande Prairie Primary Care Network required a kind of IT support that streamlined their ability to offer quality services to patients. Spending time during the day waiting on the phone with a helpdesk or trying to track down the right people to solve the problem simply isn’t an option in the fast-paced, highly confidential healthcare environment.

The Grande Prairie PCN requires a managed IT service provider that is invested in more than just troubleshooting potential IT flare-ups. The nature and extent of critical work that the PCN does requires IT support that is strategic and proactive in nature. An optimized and regulated IT environment is integral to effective and ethical service management and delivery at PCN.

The Solution: Fully Managed and Personalized IT Service and Support from IT Partners

IT Partners’ highly dedicated support helps to streamline business processes and drive efficient productivity within The Grande Prairie PCN. IT Partners provides an ‘above and beyond’ type of IT service and support that transcends troubleshooting and helpdesk support. Using a trusted, proactive methodology, IT Partners lays the groundwork for a streamlined IT environment that fosters efficiency and productivity for PCN. IT Partners works to understand their client’s specific business conditions and strives to prevent potential issues before they occur. Furthermore, when problems do occur for the PCN, IT Partners is committed to reducing the impacts on the PCN’s productivity. “All I have to do is pick up the phone,” Judd Dowhy, Communications Specialist with The Grande Prairie PCN explains. “Either they have an answer right away or they work quickly to determine the right solution. Problems are never half-solved – when we have a problem they solve it, and it doesn’t reoccur later on.”

But IT Partners offers more than an IT support based in troubleshooting. “IT Partners is more than a helpdesk.” Dowhy claims. “They’re really good at staying on top of healthcare and privacy regulations.  Because they’re so proactively knowledgeable about these integral parts of our business, they’re able to make informed suggestions about the kinds of software and backups we use.” IT Partners not only provides the PCN with comprehensive expertise, they also play an active role in the facilitation of problem-solving initiatives with their third party software and hardware vendors. “They’re great at staying on top of all of our technology refreshes, hardware replacements, license expirations – they cover all of the IT issues so we can focus on service delivery and patient care.”

The Benefits: The “Outsourced CIO” Experience

The nature and extent of the IT support that IT Partners offers truly lives up to the IT Partners ‘Virtual CIO’ service offering. The personalized, fully managed service has allowed for a streamlining of budgetary and planning processes which has fostered and increased ability to get approval on a variety of board proposals. This proactive and personalized level of IT support and service makes a meaningful difference for The Grande Prairie PCN. “Their approach to managing services is so much more proactive than reactive.” Dowhy emphasizes.

Having a dedicated far-sighted liaison between IT Partners and The Grande Prairie Primary Care Network helps to minimize trivial or redundant support requests, which reduces over IT issues and time invested by their staff in the resolution of IT issues. IT Partners holds regular meetings to ensure business goals and technology strategies are running parallel and smooth which makes achieving organizational visions easier. “These guys go above and beyond, in all cases, to ensure everything is taken care of.” Dowhy explains, “We’ve worked with them from the start and they’re just incredibly approachable. We never have to worry about anything.”

If you’d like to know more about how IT Partners moulds their service and support to promote client mission and visions don’t hesitate to reach out to their team of experts at (780) 513-4455 or info@itpartners.ca!