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IT Partners Steps Up To Help Children Impacted By Fort McMurray Fires

In the wake of the massive forest mega-fire that has eaten up hundreds of hectares of Alberta forest, engulfed the homes of Fort McMurray, and displaced thousands of people, a heartwarming outpour of caring has been displayed by Canadians across the country. In small donations and large acts of generosity the country has come together to attempt to ease the plight of those who have been affected and evicted from their homes by the fire.

Fort McMurray Fires

Among the many stories of heroic effort and self-sacrificing generosity that have come out of this ongoing tragic situation is an account of thoughtful care for the smallest of our citizens – the babies.

When over 80,000+ residents were thrust from their homes and into makeshift, work camp residences by the oncoming heat of the flames, IT Partners moved into quiet, caring action.

Realizing that the oilfield and industrial camps were not made for babies and offered precious little in regard to baby necessities, the IT Partners team leaped at the opportunity to be of service to these little ones — the day after the evacuation occurred.

Working alongside their close friends, @aquateradotca, who were organizing an over-sized transport supply trailer to go to the evacuees, the people of IT Partners put a plan into action. They filled their own truck to the top with a load of baby diapers and formula and took it to the waiting supply trailer being readied by @aquateradotca for transport to the work camps turned evacuee encampments.

Troy Thibert of IT Partners said, “I couldn’t be prouder of our entire staff at IT Partners who collectively banded together to support the families with babies and young children that were fleeing their homes because of the firestorm emergency.”

Thanks to the quick thinking and compassion of the caring individuals of IT Partners, the most helpless of the evacuees of the Fort McMurray fire had what they needed to wait out their time in the work camps. The mothers of those little ones will likely never know the names and faces behind this act of kindness toward their infants, but they will never forget the love behind the thoughtful generosity of the IT Partners team.

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