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Is Dropbox Putting Your Grande Prairie Law Firm At Risk?

Grande Prairie Law FirmsYou and I know that infallible digital security is a vital part of success in modern business. The financial costs of data theft and data loss alone — barring any reputational damage, regulatory fines, and other consequences — are enough to cripple even the most stable of legal firms.

Despite this, many modern solutions are often quickly adopted by businesses and personal users alike; convenience, popularity and wide-spread use are all attractive features of a service such as Dropbox, but the fact is that you need to do your homework before trusting your assets with any relatively new service.

Industry leaders know that without the right support, applications such as Dropbox can present a number of risks to their businesses, such as:

  • Loss of data security due to data being synced across unsecured employee devices

  • Data corruption due to a lack of data integrity assurance for Dropbox and other consumer level cloud solutions

  • Possible compliance violations due to Dropbox’s loose file retention and file access controls

  • And more!

Don’t expose your business to these risks! IT Partners offers award-winning service to help you make a well-informed decision about how to store and share your sensitive corporate data. As a sought-after partner in IT for many law firms in the Grand Prairie business community, you know you can trust us to keep your firm safe.

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