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Data breaches aren’t a matter of if; they’re a matter of when

Cybercrime is a common part of business these days. Even if you haven’t encountered a hacking or malware issue at your law firm in recent years, the fact is that cybercriminals are coming up with new methods of stealing and compromising sensitive business data every single day.

At best, modern cyber security measures are 99.9% effective; cyber security experts around the world agree that hacks and data breaches are an inevitable part of business. Therefore, it’s vital to have proactive monitoring capability to identify and address an incident when it occurs, as well as detailed, effective policies for response after the fact.

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The foundation of cybersecurity isn’t just based on the most current security solutions alone; you need the right expertise on your side as well. With a reliable and knowledgeable partner in IT, you can ensure that your IT environment is up to date and prepared for a range of modern digital threats.

IT Partners can help keep you safe. We provide a comprehensive range of security solutions that will keep nearly all threats at bay, as well as maintain functionality and integrity when a breach does occur. Our business continuity and IT security services include:

  • Proactive solutions such as firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-spam tools
  • Risk assessments that identify and address any vulnerabilities in your network and processes
  • Daily backups of your data that ensures you have access to an up to date copy of your vital information in the case of a data breach, ransomware incident, or other emergency situation

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