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When you’re constantly worried about looming threats, you’re never really able to produce your best work.

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IT Partners understands the need for peace of mind knowing that your data, documents, and resources are protected – so that disasters or disruptions don’t lead to major downtime that cripples productivity.

Our team is dedicated to removing the burden of IT from your shoulders, so you stay focused on your important work, utilizing technology to achieve goals and stay protected. With reliable backups our team ensures that disasters don’t lead to lost time and wages.

Reach out to IT Partners to discuss the most effective backup solutions for your operations.

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Part of any successful business continuity plan is having reliable backups in place, so that when unavoidable disasters hit your workforce is prepared.

When you’re unprepared, severe weather, power outages, or human error can lead to:

  • Loss of time and productivity
  • Lost wages and the potential for fines
  • A tarnished reputation with clients and the public

Regularly tested onsite and offsite backups from IT Partners ensure that you don’t have to worry. With proactive planning, you’re one step ahead of any disaster.

  • ContinuityBackups of data, documents, applications, and resource ensure that even when you’re dealing with hardware issues or an in-office disaster, you’re still able to continue working and serving clients.
  • Peace of MindYou have peace of mind knowing that your sensitive is data secure but easily accessible whenever you need it.
  • Regular TestingWe regularly test backups to make sure everything is properly accounted for, so you know that when you need them, everything is ready to go.

Get in touch with IT Partners to discuss the most effective business continuity strategies for your operations, including reliable onsite and offsite data backups.

Contact our dedicated team of technology professionals at info@itpartners.ca or (780) 513-4455 .